Last night, we took Dad to the Australia vs. Oman soccer match (qualifying for the Brazil 2014 World Cup) and it was amazing!!! I don’t own much green and gold :( so instead, I went a bit crazy with a permanent marker and I’ll probably get ink poisoning, but it was worth it!! Australia ended up winning the game 3-0 which I was super excited about, and the Oman fans were such good sports :)

However, one thing Oman beat us at was cheering!! I mean come on Australia!! It’s our home ground, we clearly had the majority of fans, but the 1/10th of the crowd who were supporting Oman made heaps more noise! I was really annoyed that we weren’t supporting the Socceroos as well as we could have been, so I was trying to compensate by cheering but people kept giving me wierd looks, I mean are you serious?!?! Whatever. mini rant over

It was a super amazing night, filled with mexican waves, 2 480 people, signatures from the players and finally cake in the carpark as we waited for everyone to leave <3

23 notes, October 11, 2011

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